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NOX Legion
Nox is an multinational PvE/PvP legion for the Asmodian race with a strong commitment to achieve best ranks in PvP and selling our services for other legions and individuals(Partymembers and raidmembers for pvp/pve, Contract killing, Espionage, PvP diversions, you name it.) One could call us a mercenary legion.

Each member of the legion can be considered an army of their own. Each trained and conditioned for extreme fighting power, the first encounters of legions boosted with our mercenary power got us our nefarious legion name; Nox. For each time enemies encounter our legion, they feel the night descend upon them and they know their end has come.

If you are intrested please check our forums for more information and press the Apply to Guild on the right upper side of the site to join Nox!

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